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Givony: C's Shopping #5 Pick

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Jonathan Givony from Draft Express reported two rumors involving the Celtics today.

It's widely rumored that Boston's pick is for sale. There's a couple of trade rumors going on there. One of them is with Portland, where Zach Randolph would go to Boston for Theo Ratliff and the #5 pick. That would obviously be to satisfy Greg Oden in drafting Mike Conley Jr.

Boston's pick is on the block... even Indiana, I hear, is looking at that #5 pick. Jermaine O'Neal is a player that could be involved in a trade there, maybe for Theo Ratliff and that #5 pick.

He indicated that the O'Neal trade would make Pierce happy but he's not sure ownership would sign off on the luxury tax hit that would result.

Hear the full audio of the interview here:


(hat tip to CelticBalla32 for finding this)