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Shira Springer reports:

When asked if thought Durant had more long-term potential, Ainge added: ‘‘I don’t know that. They both have a lot of potential long-term. We’re trying to decide before the draft. Right now, we’re trying to prepare one through five. We think there’s more than two players in the draft. I know that sounds like the company line, but we have it narrowed down to 12 players at this stage that we think would be a great fit for the Celtics, that would make us a better team. We’ll narrow that down more. We like a lot of the guys in this draft and think that they can help us. ... They’re all ice cream, just different flavors. It is important that we make the right decision.’’

Ainge noted that all the players in the Celtics’ top 12 were early entry candidates and that they stand 6-foot-7-inches or taller. While Ainge declined to name players, he indicated that none of the Celtics’ top 12 would be a surprise pick. So, think North Carolina forward Brandan Wright, Florida forward Al Horford, Georgetown center Roy Hibbert, Florida forward Joakim Noah, Florida forward Corey Brewer, Kansas forward Julian Wright, Chinese center Yi Jianlian, Georgetown forward Jeff Green, Washington center Spencer Hawes, Colorado center Jason Smith or Georgia Tech forward Thaddeus Young in addition to Oden and Durant.