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Shopping In Orlando

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From the Herald:

And make no mistake: The Celts are interested in some players who will be available at No. 5, but they certainly are willing to move the pick as part of a deal that nets them quality veteran help.
“I’ve had some calls,” Ainge said. “But there hasn’t been anything I want to do.”
That’s because Ainge is interested in making a basketball trade, while many of his colleagues would like to make a financial deal.
“So many calls are made for financial reasons,” Ainge said. “The trade world is just so different than any fan has any comprehension about. A lot of teams want to make deals that either free up money or cut their payroll just for cap or luxury tax reasons.”
The proximity of his peers at the Disney facility this week could be helpful in getting substantive talks in gear - or maybe not.
    “There’s two ways of looking at it,” Ainge said. “On one hand, I think it’s a lot easier to just be able to walk up to people, tap them on the shoulder and ask questions. People have their staffs with them, so it’s easier to have conversations and follow through on this.
    “But you can look at it another way - which is also true - that sometimes it’s better to keep things quiet and not let other teams see you talking. That can get in the way sometimes. So it works both ways.”