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Celtics Links - 5/31/07

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Wallace up for Grizzlies' GM job. Green Bandwagon Note: I would love to know what Wallace has done the last several years. Maybe he was instrumental in drafting Al Jefferson. Maybe he set the team record for food related expenses. Maybe he failed to help the team land a quality international player. I'd really like to know.
Tony Brown leaving Celtics over contract issue. Green Bandwagon Note: Who is going to do the halftime interviews? And I'm at least a little suspicious as Doc Rivers loses his right hand man.
Bunch of info: Brown front runner for Indy job, Ainge not sold on camp, Doc guaranteed $1-2 million.
Does Kobe love LA? Green Bandwagon note: Your mom loves LA.
SouthCoast Today
Celtics lose the lottery, not their future.
Loy's Place
Summer reading list.
Can Danny
The latest from the Tao of Ainge.
Real GM
Boston draft preview. Green Bandwagon note: An all around good read that got me interested right from the beginning, "I don't mean to start things out negatively, but there's not a lot the Celtics organization has done well recently."
Heath: Pre draft notebook, Day 2.
Seattle PI
Seattle willing to listen to offers for the 2nd pick.
Hawks GM may be ket to the draft, feeling heat along with Ainge and McHale.
Draft Express
Orlando pre draft camp: Day 2.
Indy Star
Former Celt Shaw also in the running for the Pacers job.