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Tony Brown Out, Wallace Next?

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BrownTony Brown, who has been mentioned as a candidate in several head coaching positions this offseason, will not be back as lead assistant coach next year.  Bulpett reports:

Assistant coach Tony Brown and the club have agreed to part ways after three years together. The issue is contractual. Brown’s deal was up, and he was seeking a new, two-year pact to match up with that of Doc Rivers, who has one year left and received a one-year extension earlier this month.

The Celts offered Brown just one more year, and apparently at less money than Brown was anticipating.

According to Brown’s agent, Warren LeGarie, the parting was unwanted but amicable.

Seems very odd to me that they would pony up the dough for Doc and not do the same for his top assistant.  This seems to signal to me that Doc might be on a shorter leash than we thought.  Still, it seems penny wise and dollar foolish unless they really thought Tony Brown was not a good fit here.

I wonder if there is any truth to the rumor that David Blatt rumor from last week.  Everything I've read about him is glowing in praise and he sounds like a perfect fit for what this team needs (strong in X's & O's, stresses up tempo game by starting with a solid defense).  I think he'd be a perfect guy to bring in as an assistant for a year or so and if things don't work out with Doc, he could take over.

At the very least, this is the Celtics chance to pick up a good top-notch assistant coach (maybe one that gets passed over for head coaching jobs). 

WallaceIn other news, the much beleaguered former general manager, scout, (or whatever his title is) Chris Wallace may soon be leaving for greener pastures.  He's up for the GM spot in Memphis and may be the lead candidate.  Bulpett again:

Chris Wallace confirmed yesterday that he has interviewed with the Memphis Grizzlies for the job that will become vacant when president of basketball operations Jerry West steps down after the draft.

While one source said a final decision has not been made, another said the Celtics [team stats]’ 10-year general manager has moved into the position of favorite for the job.

The Griz just hired the hot head coaching candidate (former Suns assistant) Mark Iavaroni and still need someone to fill the prodigious shoes of Jerry West.  Wallace has experience as a GM and has presumably helped Ainge with his scouting and drafting the last few years.

Interesting times in Boston these days.  Stay tuned to see where all this goes. 

Update: The Globe is indicating that Brown may be a leading candidate for the Indiana job.

Also, Springer passes along this info about Doc's contract:

A league source confirmed that coach Doc Rivers will receive between $1 million to $2 million guaranteed with benchmarks for the 2008-09 season when his extension goes into effect. Rivers can potentially earn $5 million, the amount he will receive for next season if he finishes his extension year.