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Debatable: C's In Playoffs Next Year?

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The boys at the Fanhouse blog are debating the likelyhood of the Celtics (and other lotto teams) making the playoffs next season. Bethlehem Shoals seems optimistic about their chances, based mostly on the weakness of the East:

Shoals: Of all the teams we're doing, the Celtics might have the best shot at making the playoffs. Whether they draft Oden, or Durant, or trade down for Shawn Marion, or get stuck at third, there's hope on the horizon. Honest. Pierce gets no respect, Jefferson is here to stay, Rondo's potential is serious, and at least some of those other kids could be role players. That's not enough for sixth or seventh in the East?

MJD is less optimistic:

MJD: On paper, just Paul Pierce and Al Jefferson should be enough to at least sniff the playoffs in the East ... but if that was true, they'd have done it this year.

Apparently MJD is forgetting the 35 games Pierce missed, directly resulting in that little 18 game losing streak. He also isn't that impressed with the youth movement:

MJD: It seems like we've been waiting for that young talent in Boston to develop for a long time. I'm just tired of waiting on those guys. I'm not saying it won't happen, but I'm not banking on it happening next year.