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Everybody Loves Kevin

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KG Kevin Garnett has never stated publicly that he wants out of Minnesota. Kevin McHale has stated publicly that he intends to once again build around Garnett and has no intentions of trading him. However, for some reason, nobody (including me) believes any of it.

Everything is on hold till the draft order is set. After that, expect the bidding war to begin in earnest. Already the local media outlets are each putting in their bids. Some examples:

  • Sam Smith: And would Minnesota now swap Garnett for Nowitzki? That would give Dallas the tough guy they feel they need after shriveling up for the Warriors, and it would give the Timberwolves a star and a good guy.
  • Florida Today: An offer of Milicic, Hedo Turkoglu and a first-round draft pick might be enough to lure Garnett or Allen. Pair one of those stars with Howard, and the Magic would instantly become contenders in the Eastern Conference.
  • NY Daily News: The Knicks then could offer a scoring big man (Channing Frye, $2.49 million), a clutch-shooting guard (Jamal Crawford, $7.92 million), a 6-11 forward who can defend three positions (Jared Jeffries, $5.6 million) and a veteran whose contract expires after the 2008-09 season (Malik Rose, $7.1 million). The salaries would just about match up, give or take a throw-in going back to the Knicks.

    Even if Minnesota demanded David Lee as part of the deal for Garnett, it apparently wouldn't be a deal-breaker for Thomas -- nor should it be.
  • There should be plenty of speculation about the Lakers trading for All-Star Kevin Garnett over the summer. But Jim Buss, Jerry's son and the team's vice president of player personnel, has refused to part with Bynum in other discussions, and Bynum would likely figure prominently in any deal.

The Laker love is actually to the point where there is a new blog called (hat tip to YAYSports, you know, the 2nd best NBA blog in all the land, for catching this). I just wish I had thought of this blog idea first. I wonder what I Heart KG thinks of all this love.