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Celtics Links -6/1/07

Boston Herald
Celtics shift focus from Oden and eye the best of the rest.
Celtics in no hurry to fill assistant coaching vacancy. Green Bandwagon note - Thanks to FLCeltsFan for the tip in yesterday's comments about David Blatt. I'm thinking that if the Celtics landed a top 2 pick we would all care a little less about him. However, Blatt does look awesome. And he has joined Corey Brewer on the list of individuals I want working for the organization next season.
Tony Allen speaks to kids about healthy lifestyle. Green Bandwagon note - I really like Tony Allen. Maybe I agreed with Tommy's 3-dribble rule for the former Oklahoma State star last year. And maybe I wonder if he'll ever be the same. But I love Allen's intensity and the theory that he may black out briefly on dunks. I hope he warned the kids about the White Palace Grill and MarkTwain Johnson. I could not resist.
Celtics dancers in China, Alexis blog. Green Bandwagon note - I hate myself for linking to that
Loy's Place
To the point. Green Bandwagon note - If you write about Rajon Rondo I will take notice. Nice piece.
Celtics 24/7
The case against Yi. Green Bandwagon note - I'm glad there are others on the "don't draft Yi" bandwagon. As a side note I enjoy Celtics 24/7. They've got a sense of humor over there, which is nice.
CelticsStuff Live
Bleating for Blatt.
Bennington Banner
Logic and reason will take you farther in the NBA than clovers and ping pong balls . Green Bandwagon note - I'm not sure I agree with this all hail Jim O'Brien piece. I do like the Sherman Douglas reference. But I would argue several points:

  1. The premise of the article is that O'Brien stressed shot selection and defense. I remember Antoine Walker shooting 3s until his heart was content.
  2. I'm not sure Larry Bird has that much appeal/clout with the players.
  3. Jermaine O'Neal had a break out year last season in blocked shots. He was a beast. He got serious buzz for defensive player of the year. Keep in mind his first several seasons throw off his averages as he adjusted from high school.
  4. There is still someone who believes in Mike Dunleavy Jr.? Really?
Draft Express
Day three of the Orlando pre draft camp.
NBC Sports
After watching a pro Donovan knows the right moves to make.
In Orlando who is worthy?
Green still not certain about staying in the draft.
Commercial Appeal
Gasol pleased with new coach.
Boston Globe
Assorted: Magic, Pacers, Grizzlies hire new coaches, Kerr new Suns GM, Doc speaks, Kobe and Buss talk.

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