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C's Will Wait And See

Bulpett reports that there are a few candidates for the vacant position, but the team may be content to not fill the position at all.

 The Celtics aren’t in a hurry to hire an assistant coach to replace Tony Brown, and they might not even fill the position.
    “Nothing’s been decided yet, including whether we need another coach,” Danny Ainge said last night at the NBA’s predraft camp. “We’re just taking our time with this.”
    According to sources, Dwane Casey is in the mix, and so is former Houston assistant Tom Thibodeau. The latter certainly will be interesting to people at Salem State, where Thibodeau played and coached.

That's all well and good, but what fans want to know is, what about Blatt?

Update: Looks like Tony Brown will end up with the Bucks.

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