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Shawn Marion Rumor

Chad Ford reports:

If Boston is passing on Yi, I think that means we might see a trade coming. There's talk that the Suns -- to slash payroll -- might be willing to take the No. 5 pick, Theo Ratliff's expiring contract and Delonte West for Shawn Marion. That would make Paul Pierce happy.

The Globe also has this story.

At least one NBA executive figures the Celtics will trade the No. 5 pick before the draft rolls around June 28, and he sees Phoenix as a prospective partner. The Suns are looking to dump salary and picks. New Phoenix president of basketball operations and general manager Steve Kerr has the No. 24, No. 29, and No. 59 picks. One of the scenarios raised by the executive had Shawn Marion and the $33.6 million and two years remaining on his contract headed to Boston for the No. 5 pick and Theo Ratliff, who has one year remaining worth $11.7 million. The Celtics would throw in another player or two with one year left to make the money work -- say, Delonte West ($1.9 million), Tony Allen ($1.9 million), or even Sebastian Telfair ($2.6 million).  

Also, a Golden St. blogger has an idea (not a rumor) to trade up to #5 using Jason Richardson.

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