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Rashard Lewis Rumor Has Legs

The latest rumor on the forums is that the Celtics have a legitimate interest in obtaining Rashard Lewis in a sign and trade deal with the Sonics.  The thing that has everyone excited is that it may not cost us the 5th pick to get it done.  I asked around and I have it on good authority that the rumors are legit.

My source (no, it isn't that guy on the RealGM boards and it isn't Steve Bulpett who broke the story a week ago) heard this from multiple people and he indicates that the point of contention is the 5th pick.  Seattle (like all teams dealing with departing free agents) isn't dealing from a very strong position and no other teams can offer the kind of financial flexibility that the Celtics can.

It is still early in the process and there are many more discussions that will take place, but if the Celtics can land Rashard Lewis and keep the pick, that would be a huge win for the team.

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