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Celtics Links - 6/12/07

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Boston Herald
Noah's game not all talk. Green Bandwagon Note - I caught some of Noah's interview on NESN. Nothing spectacular but he struck me as an interesting guy. I'm intrigued to see where he lands as he could make an impact, especially with a good team. Meanwhile, he spoke his mind, which would go unnoticed in Boston because people simply don't follow the Celtics like they do the Patriots or the Red Sox.
Wright works out solo, Danny going to see Jeff Green on Friday. Green Bandwagon Note - In the article Mark Murphy compares Wright's solo act to Gerald Green's a few years ago, which many believe caused the Dunk Champ to slip in the draft. But Wright is the ACC Rookie of the Year. Given that and the fact that people already question Wright's desire, it struck me as an odd approach. Furthermore, I also caught Wright on NESN. Keeping in mind that Tim Duncan and other elite athletes do not interview well, I still came away skeptical of Wright. I want him to be someone else's project.
Boston Globe
Wright, Noah, and Sims get workout, Shira Springer confirms Rashard Lewis rumors . Green Bandwagon Note - A must read for some subtle Wright bashing by Noah. As an aside, every time I see the name "Lewis" in connection with the Boston Celtics I immediately think of Reggie Lewis. Moving on...
Globe Celtics Blog
More on Noah and Wright's workouts. Green Bandwagon Note - Sensing a theme with these links?
Noah and Wright work out, but not against each other.
ESPN Insider
Chad Ford with the latest from Eurocamp, comments from brain doc.
Loy's Place
What exactly was Doc saying?
Around the mock drafts.
Celtics 24/7
Podcast #7 discusses rumors and draft picks.
CelticsStuff Live
Idiot's delight.
Commercial Appeal
Grizzlies still interviewing for GM position, Wallace is the frontrunner.
Hartford Courant
Draft or trade, Celtics will get help.
AZ Central
Marion trade rumor resurfaces, Doc and Danny enamored with Marion.
The state of the Boston Celtics.
Review Journal
Teams obviously tanked last season.
Fan House
Union ready to defend Telfair.
Shamrock Headband
Doc's misuse of Ryan Gomes.
Red's Army
To pick or not to pick.
Draft Express
Eurocamp day 3.

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