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Rumors, Rumors, Rumors

The Globe (Springer) has picked up the Rashard Lewis rumor:

there is speculation around the league about a possible deal with Seattle that would bring forward Rashard Lewis to Boston. Lewis reportedly is good friends with Gerald Green and would consent to the deal if Green is not a part of the package. Robert Swift also could be in the mix. Ainge has coveted Swift in the past

And both the Globe and Herald have bits on the Shawn Marion rumor.  Here is Shira's take:

As for the possibility of Shawn Marion joining the Celtics, Rivers did not want to say much about a potential trade, though he figures the price for the Phoenix forward would be quite high. "We've got a fifth pick that a lot of people want," said Rivers. "We have some attractive players. I think anything can happen. If they do make a move, it's not like they want to rebuild their team. They want to keep getting better. Any move they're making, one, it's because of the salary constraint, but two, it's because they still are right there trying to win a world championship. I've always liked [Marion]. I coached him in the World Championship games. I enjoyed working with him. That's all I can say." Per policy, Ainge declined to comment on trade rumors. He did say there was "a lot of interest in the No. 5 pick," though he thought teams were posturing rather than putting forth genuine offers.

Herald (Murphy):

Director of basketball operations Danny Ainge declined comment on rumors connecting the Celtics to Phoenix and forward Shawn Marion, with the fifth pick the major part of the deal.
    The Suns reportedly are attempting to unload bad contracts as part of any trade for Marion. In the Celtics’ case, that might require agreeing to bring back Marcus Banks, who has four years and just over $17 million left on the contract he signed with the Suns last summer.
    Marion can also opt out after next season - a prohibitive condition if the Celts feel they can’t re-sign him.

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