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Hot Wings

You would think that with a lineup that includes Pierce, Wally, Green, Gomes, Delonte and Allen, (all of whom play at the 2 and 3 spots when healthy) you wouldn't need any more wings.  Then again, maybe West is needed at the point, Gomes provides depth at the 4, Allen and Wally are health risks, and Green is a potential trade chip.  Regardless, going with the best-talent-available theory, it pays to at least see who is out there.  Below are the leading wing candidates to get drafted by the Celtics.

Corey Brewer - Rookiepedia profile:

Fantastic defender on the wing. Good at slashing to the basket and finishing on the break. Good rebounder and can post up for someone his size. Although not a great shooter, has NBA 3 pt range. Has the quickness to guard the 2, and the length to guard the 3. Knows how to win, and has stepped it up in the tourney the last two years.

Not a great offensive player. Not a good ball handler. Needs to add size and strength. Inconsistent jumper. May be overrated because of the talent he had around him. Was an inconsistent player in college who would sometimes disapear for stretches.

Jeff Green - Rookiepedia profile:

The classic "jack of all trades, master of none" player. He does just about everything well, but does not blow you away with any individual skill. Defensively, he is very solid, and although he may not lead the league in steals or blocks, he can shutdown his man, and play great team defense as well. He can cover wings, and even some smaller PF’s. Offensively, he is just about as solid as they come. Although he is not a deadeye from 3, he can certainly knock down outside shots, and has improved each year. Is a great finisher inside, and knows how to post up smaller guys. He has an excellent basketball IQ, and almost always makes good decisions with the ball. Although his skills don’t blow you away, and he isn’t flashy, he always seems to find a way to get the job done. His impressive numbers he put up in the Orlando combine should boost Greens stock even more, who in the past was not thought to be as athletic as the other top small forwards in the draft. On over all size and athleticism Green tested the best of all the Small forwards in the draft.

Because he has no exceptional skills, he may never be a star in the league. He still needs to improve more on his outside shooting. He needs to improve on his ballhandling and making his own shot off the dribble. He has had a tendency to disappear at times, and not be as aggressive as he should be based on his talent. He needs to understand how good he really is and dominate the game like he is capable of.

Al Thornton - Rookiepedia profile:

Averaged right under 20 a game his senior year, so he could be a offensive help to most NBA teams. FTA has improved dramatically during his time in college particularly his senior season, and is now a 80% free throw shooter. Thornton has a good face-up jumper, and his range extends behind the college three-point line. Has the ability to play to a defender's weakness, by posting up smaller men or taking bigger guys out on the perimeter to work against them. Very strong and athletic with long arms and good leaping ability to elevate his shot and defend.

Has a tendency to turn the ball over, sometimes making fouls at inopportune times in the game. His game is still needs refining , but he seems to be a "late bloomer." One issue with this is his age now versus other players in this draft, but he has used his time in college to refine game, should make for a quicker adjustment.

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