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Celtics Links - 6/15/07

Boston Herald
Celtics add to their must see list, may be moving down in the draft.
Boston Globe
Finals lacked competition and viewing.
Celtics Blog
Celtics Blog and CSL are announcing the Gold Rarities Draft Night Show.
Bostradamus 111.
CelticsStuff Live
Can Yi play D and how old is he?
Loy's Place
The good old days.
Time for 100% draft mode.
Blatt signs with Efes Pilsen. Green Bandwagon Note - Fuck.
Rusillo updates his draft board.
Draft Express
Podcast answering e-mail questions, Yi workouts, a Hawes guarantee and more
8 common profiles of a bust. Green Bandwagon Note - This is a fantastic read. Check it out.
Greg Oden talks about legends on his latest blog. Green Bandwagon Note - Someone, presumably from Yardbarker, sent me this post by Oden. I checked it out. But I was somewhat confused. As the writer of a Boston Celtics themed blog I always keep an eye on C's news and anything about Bill Russell counts. But this would be a million times more interesting if the Celtics had the top pick. Long story short thanks for throwing salt on the wound.  
Shamrock Headband
Ranking the coaches.
Only Ten Things
The trouble with team names.
Seattle Times
Hawes moving up?
Best finals that went 7 games.
Star Telegram
Westphal may join Mavs staff soon.
Yi Jianlian's NBA blog.
LA Times
Pacers trade talks for O'Neal stall.

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