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Celtics Links - 6/16/07

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Boston Herald
Jeff Green works out, Ainge off to NY, some trade talk.
Boston Globe
Celtics take a look at Jeff Green.
Loy's Place
The weakest link. Green Bandwagon Note - File this post under "things Doc Rivers does not want to read." It's a thorough look at why Rivers may not be the best man for the job.
Sports Hernia
Ainge close to firing himself after Brain Doc tests him. Green Bandwagon Note - I've yet to see anyone else attack the Brain Doc in this way. Interesting, satirical read.
BC Sports
Red Auerbach: Cigars and Celtics.
Can Danny
Where have all the bad guys gone? Green Bandwagon Note - This article included the following,

While the future of the NBA looks bright talent-wise, hopefully some of the young prospects will start showing a little more attitude of Gary Payton, the flair of Larry Johnson, the determination of Alonzo Mourning, or the personality of Charles Barkley.
I always think of Barkley as part of the 80s superstars. I tend to clump Johnson and Mourning in with Kenny Anderson, Derrick Coleman, and a bunch of other guys who made a ton of money in the early to mid 90s without accomplishing anything, doing damage to the NBA's reputation in the process. In fact I would even throw Shawn Kemp in there, which kills me, because he threw it all away. The current group of youngsters - LeBron, Wade, Carmelo, Bosh, etc. are joining Nash, Kobe, Duncan, and Dirk to save the league from the damage that was done back then.
The worst rule in the NBA. Green Bandwagon Note - As I clicked on this link I was not even considering the luxury tax. Interesting argument. Although I do think it gives GMs a little too much leeway for terrible moves.
LA Times
Kobe wants out of LA again. Green Bandwagon Note - Similarly, I am tired of this story again.
Monday is the deadline for players to withdraw from the draft. Green Bandwagon Note - All eyes are on Jeff Green.
Signs point to an early draft night for Brandan Wright. Green Bandwagon Note - I would love to see him go to Milwaukee. Man I hate the Bucks.
GMs have 8 weeks each year to cement their reputations. Green Bandwagon Note - I tend to agree with Bill Simmons that general managers have become too gun shy during the season. That's when a GM can tell what his team really needs and can push it to the next level. Think Joe Dumars with Rasheed Wallace. As a side note Ainge takes a beating in this article.
The NY Sun
Too much stock put in workouts. Green Bandwagon Note - Agreed.
Journal Sentinel
Noah refuses to workout for Bucks. Green Bandwagon Note - In the words of a college teammate of mine, "Kiiiiiiddddddddddd." Translation - Do one Milwaukee.
People's Daily
Yi is the X factor in jackpot draft.
Draft Express
Evaluating this year's small forward class.

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