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Nintendo and the NBA Draft - Horford, Jianlian, and Brewer

Al Horford - Mr. Sandman from Mike Tyson's Punch-Out - According to Chad Ford (via Henry Abbot) many teams consider Horford the third best player in the draft. What's not to like? He is a big, strong player that attacks the basket with an NBA ready body. Meanwhile, Mr. Sandman was also a massive guy who was aggressive as well. Furthermore, he was the third best boxer in Mike Tyson's Punch-Out. And I wouldn't want to mess Mr. Sandman or Horfod.

Yi Jianlian - Captain Falcon - I was tempted to compare him to Glass Joe from Mike Tyson's Punch-Out. I held back because I just don't know enough about Jianlian. I'm not even sure how old he is. But since there is a decent chance that Yi ends up in Boston I gave him the benefit of the doubt and stayed positive. Captain Falcon was the bounty hunter/pilot from F-Zero, which makes him about a million times cooler than Glass Joe. Just like Yi there was come controversy with Captain Falcon's age. He was somewhere in his 30s. Also Captain Falcon lived in the 26th century and F-Zero was a futuristic "next big thing" style of racing. Yi fits the bill as the mysterious, next big international player. Only time will tell.

Corey Brewer - The car from Bump N' Jump - Now that's an obscure Nintendo game. It was all about driving a car through seemingly infinite number of levels. Players earned points along the way by smashing other vehicles into obstacles or by jumping on them. To this day I don't know anyone who beat it. Meanwhile, Corey Brewer is 6-9, lanky, and he runs, jumps and dunks with the best of them. And if anybody embodies the spirit of this classic game it is the man nicknamed "Buck Wild Basketball."

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