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Celtics Links - 6/18/07 - Abbreviated Edition

I had a busy day and did not get around to the links until late. So I decided to highlight the big stories below and ignore all the Kobe nonsense.

Commercial Appeal
Grizzlies hire Wallace as new GM. Green Bandwagon Note - This is one of those instances where I had so many jokes running through my head that I ultimately decided to take the high road and wish Wallace well.
ESPN Insider
Garnett to the Celtics in a 6 for 1 deal? Green Bandwagon Note - I'm not the only one who wants Big Al to remain in Boston. That could be the classic case of a hometown fan overrating his guy. And realistically McHale can't make this deal without getting Jefferson. Wait and see I guess.
Loy's Place
The key is in the middle.

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