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TrueHoop: Take It Seriously

Henry Abbott had this to say about the KG rumors:

A couple of very smart people -- including one with some inside knowledge -- told me over the last few weeks that when the Kevin Garnett-to-Boston rumors start appearing, to take them a little more seriously than the vast majority of trade rumors.

Which means, like all trades, it probably won't happen. But don't dismiss it entirely. 

Ok, if we take the rumor seriously, the new starting lineup looks like this:  Rondo, West, Pierce, Garnett, Perkins.  The backups are Wally, Allen, and Gomes.  Then they are going to need to find cheap options at backup point and backup center.  Considering the health history of West, Pierce, Wally, Allen, and Perkins, you better hope that team stays healthy and makes a run at the title immediatly.  On the other hand, in the East, could you rule that team out?

Still, I hate, hate, hate losing Al Jefferson.  Give them Gomes and a future first if it gets the deal done.

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