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Celtics Links - 6/19/07

I'm really pushing it with the links lately. I'm sure a lot of people wait until 11:30 at night to read them.

I Want to be a Sports Agent
Carnvial of the NBA #45.
Boston Herald
Celtics in talks for Garnett, nothing on the table for #5 yet.
No ill will for Wallace, workouts continue. Green Bandwagon Note - I'm torn on Wallace. Allegedly the Vin Baker trade was not his fault. And I understand the win now mentality of the Joe Johnson trade. But it seems to me like he was never a step ahead of anyone when it came to being a GM.
Green and Hawes stay in the draft. Green Bandwagon Note - These are two guys that I'm a little concerned about. However, a lot of people rave about Green. And Hawes has his supporters as well.
Boston Globe
Wallace takes over in Memphis, more on workouts.
Workouts begin as Wright visits Celtics.
ESPN Insider
Who's in and who's out of the draft.
True Hoop
Speculation on Garnett in Boston. Green Bandwagon Note - The Garnett talk has me all discombobulated. I'm not even sure what to say. Meanwhile Jeff Clark has the best piece on the Garnett situation that I have read so far.
Lakers don't appear ready to trade Kobe.
Loy's Place
Sorting through the rumors.
CelticsStuff Live
A Sun also rising? Green Bandwagon Note - Nice piece on Sun Yue. I'll be honest up until now I had not read much about him.
NY Post
Rashard Lewis may not be a free agent. Green Bandwagon Note - If he's not a free agent, how fun will it be to have him around?
Worcester Telegram & Gazette
Keith Simons rides the NBA carousel.

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