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With the 5th pick in the NBA draft the Boston Celtics select...

He has been compared to Josh Howard. Some say he was the key to the back-to-back champion Florida Gators. Those same Gators won 11 more games than the C's last 40 fewer games. He was the most Outstanding Player at the 2007 Final Four. He could be the Chris Bosh to Yi Jianlian's Darko. This article, courtesy of True Hoop, explains his game:

"Start with the fast break. Pair Brewer with a push-the-ball point guard, let him run the wing, and he'll run and dunk all day. In half-court sets, he posted up smaller defenders, dashed by bigger ones and averaged 11.3 points, 4.3 rebounds and 2.8 assists per game over his three-year career."

Oh yeah they call him Buck Wild Basketball. His name is Corey Brewer and he would be a great addition to the Celtics. And if you don't agree I've only got two words for you - your mom.

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