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Seattle Rumor

Bulpett reports:

There is a stronger possibility the C’s will talk to Seattle about one of its big men in exchange for No. 5, a contract and a younger player, but the SuperSonics are said to be sitting tight until they hire a new general manager. The Sonics’ Rashard Lewis would make the most sense for the Celtics, but he opted out of his contract and would have to be obtained in a sign-and-trade deal.

Update: Bulpett wanted to clarify his comments in today's article (from the Herald blog-type-thing):

A key caveat regarding any Celtic interest in Seattle’s Rashard Lewis was cut from today’s story because of space limitations.

The logical move â€" The No. 5 overall pick, a young player and a contract to the Sonics for Lewis â€" has yet to be fully explored because Seattle has yet to hire a new general manager.

But there is another big issue that will likely get in the way. Lewis has opted out of his contract and is an unrestricted free agent, meaning it would have to be a sign and trade deal. The problem with that is the Celts would need to know Lewis wants to come to Boston, and they technically can’t discuss anything with him until July 1.

If such a move did go down, Seattle could possibly come away with Kevin Durant (a lock at No. 2) and a needed point guard in Mike Conley at 5.

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