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Celtics Links - 6/20/07

Boston Herald
Karl survives cancer and thriving, Horford coming in for a workout. Green Bandwagon Note - A book on George and Coby Karl would make for an interesting read. Just throwing that out there.
Allen and Szczerbiak making progress.
Real GM
List of players staying in the draft. Green Bandwagon Note - I always hate it when a guy decides to leave early and then does not get drafted. Not as much as Dick Vitale hates it, but it is unfortunate.
Celtics Blog
Scouting report on Yi Jianlian.
KG: A Look at Feasibility Going Forward.
CelticsStuff Live
Marco the Magnificent.
Hoops World
Vescey was wrong - Lewis a free agent. Green Bandwagon Note - Is it bad that I was happy Vescey was wrong out of pure spite?
Marc Stein covers the Kobe and KG rumors.
LOY's Place
Draft history lesson. Green Bandwagon Note - A rational look at why C's fans should feel good heading into the draft.
Around the mock drafts.
Belinelli or bust.
Can Danny
Wolves in C's clothing.
Draft Express
Evaluating this year's power forwards.
Word on the street - a look at the lottery, Celtics hardest to read.
Shamrock Headband
Unspeakable things unspoken.
Mike Gorman has a new blog entry.

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