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Daily Links 6/20

CelticsStuff Live   Marco the Magnificent

Herald    Karl survives cancer and thrives on the court, Horford coming in for workout
Allen and Szczerbiak making progress
RealGM   Official list of players staying in the draft 
Hoopsworld  Vescey was wrong - Rashard a free agent   Workouts continue with Karl, Wally and Tony progressing nicely
ESPN    Marc Stein covers the Kobe and KG rumors
Video analysis of 2007 draft prospects    Marty Blake's first round thoughts 
LOY's Place    Draft history lesson 
Around the Mock Drafts 
MVN   Belinelli or bust
Sun Times   McHale the villain in the tale of two Kevins
MetroWest Daily   Ainge mum on trade talks, Wally and Tony progressing
Patriot Ledger   Wallace moves on to Memphis, workout notes 
Celtics have never recovered from devastating loss 
Gatorsports    Greene faces critical NBA season
Can Danny   Wolves in C's clothing
BBWorld  Draft scouting reports
CelticBalla32's Mock draft
CBS Sportsline    Kobe destinations from MJ's old team to his new one
Armchair GM   Team by team offseason and draft analysis
Comcast Sports    Vin Baker charged with DUI  
Ramblings from the Many Minds of Chris    Roadmap to Celtics glory 
FanHouse   Remembering Len Bias 
NBA Obsessed   Drafting the big man  
The Enterprise   Wallace jumps Celts' ship to take helm for Memphis Grizzlies
Great Falls Tribune    Ex-Celtic Wedman hired as Explorers coach
Draft Expres    Evaluating this year's power forward crop 
Word on the street - a look at the lottery, Celtics hardest to read
Shamrock Headband   Unspeakable things unspoken    Kobe's video criticism adds to saga
Green Bandwagon   Nintendo and the Draft:  Noah and Thornton
FSN    Mike Gorman has a new blog entry


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