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KG: Still Smoke, Probably Fire

The KG rumors persist on the internet message boards and in the mainstream media (ESPN, WEEI, etc.).  I'm trying to dig up what I can but reliable sources are not very easy to come by.  What bits and pieces I'm picking up seem to confirm some of the rumors on the forums but it sounds like it is still a fluid situation right now.

I'm starting to resign myself to the idea that Jefferson will be included in any package to get Garnett to town.  Thinking about it from the TWolves side of things, it only makes sense.  In addition, it does sound like both Wally and Theo will be sent out together while a bad contract (like Troy Hudson) could be coming back.  I hope that means we'll be able to hang on to the #5 pick (we'll need all the cheap labor we can get) but I'm sure that is one of the main points of contention at this point in the negotiations.  

Also, in case anyone missed it from this morning, here's another random rumor.

Latest Kevin Garnett trade rumor: The Wolves send the 31-year-old all-star to the Phoenix Suns in a convoluted three-way deal with the Boston Celtics that includes Shawn Marion going to Boston and Minnesota getting the No. 5 pick from the Celtics, plus several young players. The Wolves already have the No. 7 overall pick in the June 28 draft. It's unclear, though, how Garnett's $22 million salary would match up for the deal.

If I hear anything I'm allowed to print, you know I'll post it ASAP.

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