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Bulpett: Teams Closer To Deal

 Bulpett confirms much of what we've already heard:

The process still is far from complete, but a league source indicated last night the Celtics were moving closer to a deal for Minnesota star Kevin Garnett. 
"There’s a good chance nothing happens," the source cautioned, "but the talks seem to be ongoing. Neither side seems willing to drop this." 
It was further indicated that if such a deal goes down, it would indeed involve both Al Jefferson and the Celtics’ No. 5 overall pick in next week’s draft.

The Celtics are said to still be mulling over the pros and cons of the deal. A plus is the opportunity to take a giant step in an Eastern Conference race that would appear to be fairly wide open next season. On the downside, the Celtics would be trading away a player nine years Garnett’s junior in Jefferson, who is coming off a breakout season just three years out of high school.

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