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Daily Links 6/21

 CelticsStuff Live   Pain over the KG trade rumors 

Herald   Celtics closer to deal for Garnett
Allen should be ready for training camp, Yue possible for second round 
Globe   Garnett chatter 
Hoopsworld    Some draft sleepers 
Celtics draft prospects
ESPN Page 2    Simmons is the voice of reason
ESPN Insider    Health questions for Oden
LOY's Place   Thoughts on KG trade rumors 
Full Court Press    At what cost Garnett?
Only 10 Things    Workouts have done nothing to change Ainge's mind
Green Bandwagon   More Nintendo and the draft       
FSN   Mike Gorman on WZLX  6/20
Draft Express    Podcast #5 with lots of draft commentary
New detailed first round mock draft
Market Watch:  Boston Celtics
Patriot Ledger    Coby Karl visits Boston for a workout
Sun Journal    Celtics are about to make a bad situation worse 
Times Picayune    Gator boys could make history again    McHale downplays Garnett trade rumors
The Football Expert    Crossing Over: The NBA draft - everybody seems perfect for the Celtics
Simon on Sports    Kenny Anderson surfaces as coach of the CBA's Atlanta Krunk
M&C Sports   Boston Celtics 2007 Draft preview
Red's Army   Yi wants to be here... Maybe.    Oden has some worrisome injury issues 
Yahoo Sports    McHale denies shopping KG
Shamrock Headband   Is Big Al overvalued?
Chicago Sun Times    No smart GM would offer a premium package for KG


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