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Not Dead Yet?

Bulpett has some surprising comments about the Garnett situation (as of last night):

The prospects for getting things completed didn’t look all that great as of tonight, but these things do have a way of reanimating in a hurry. Sources were using phrases like "kind of doubtful'’ and "probably not,'’ but it clearly ain’t over yet.

Garnett’s agent, Andy Miller, may be trying to push his client elsewhere (who wouldn’t want to ramble with Steve Nash in Phoenix), but his comments today won’t necessarily get in the way if the Celts and Timberwolves reach an agreement on the trade pieces.

Personally I don't see it.  I don't think Garnett is going to be convinced and I don't think the deal has any life, but I thought I'd pass this along anyway.

By the way, Bulpett also gives his opinion on the rumored trade offer and agrees with all of us that the price was too high.

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