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The Day The Server Died

This is it folks.  The old, injury riddled, CPU Error generating, limping like Wally, Bluehost server is being put out of its misery tonight at midnight (EST).  We'll try to make the migration as quickly as possible, but we might actually be out of commission for a good portion of Saturday morning (and maybe longer, but we'll do the best we can).

Some requests:

  • Do not upload any avatars to the site after 5:00 PM.  Just don't.  Please.  Its technical.  That's all you need to know.
  • Even if you see the site operational after midnight, don't post anything after midnight because it won't get transferred over.
  • If you don't see the site first thing tomorrow morning - DON'T PANIC.  Just wait an hour and try again.
  • If for some unknown reason the site transfer hits a snag and lasts into Sunday, know that you can still hear the Celticsstuff Live show at the old Celticsstuff Live website.

Thanks for your cooperation.

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