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CelticsBlog has left the building!

computer_cat.jpgWell, it wasn't the smoothest move in the world. I was not able to perform a server to server transfer of the CB site and its database from BlueHost to this new place, so I generated a compressed backup of the site through BlueHost's control panel and downloaded it that way. It took eight hours to get it and then upload it to these new servers only to discover, just after midnight last night, that it was incomplete and corrupted. So, I had to download CelticsBlog manually via ftp, which destroys all file and directory permissions when you put it on a Windows machine.

Then I got to do it all over again, the hard way. The uncompressed version took many hours to download and then of course many more hours to upload again. Meanwhile, I downloaded the database, uploaded it and got it installed via command line in a shell environment. Had I been able to transfer CelticsBlog using CLI, this whole process of moving the site might not have taken an hour. Sigh. Let's see...what else can I complain about? OK, how about this.

"Cheer up", I said, "things could be worse!" Twelve hours later when I finally did get the site moved, its database installed, most of the broken permissions fixed and most of the new configurations needed accomplished, someone I'll not name (because I don't want him buggin' out before I can have a little visit with him), broke our Apache server software, killed PHP on the servers and destroyed a ton of server customization in the process. Most of it was related to deep level performance enhancements done to the server. Apache's all better now, but all the fancy stuff has to be done again and there's a lot of it. Grrrrr!

Ahhhh! What am I fussing about? I'm just a little tired and grouchy I guess. After all, we are moved and that's big news. We are also ahead of our original schedule for this and of course, I will get all of the performance enhancements in place again and working in the coming days. No big deal. Naturally, the big hope is that these new server will allow us to enjoy ourselves around here now without so many serious service outages and position us for upward migration to even more powerful servers if and when we need them. BTW, I've been looking at server performance so far this evening and everything so far looks pretty dogone good!

So, cheers to the 2007 Draft week, day, night, hour and...moment! May it be a good one. 


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