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Much Ado About Nothing!?

So, umm, did I just waste a week of my life or what? (ESPN - Katz)

Ainge didn't want to get into specifics about all the swirling media reports about a deal with Minnesota for Kevin Garnett. But the one certainty that the Celtics did convey Friday is that Ainge and former teammate Kevin McHale, who holds a similar role with the Timberwolves, hadn't spoken on that subject in a week and that there was no imminent news on a deal this week. The fact that the story had legs every day this week was news to them since they felt no urgency about the potential deal the past few days.

As for any other trades, there is only talk now among a number of teams. But the Celtics don't have any tangible offers for No. 5. If the pick is still theirs on draft night, expect it to be Noah, Brewer or Yi (assuming Horford is gone).

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