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Celtics Links - 6/25/07

I have not done the links in a while. I'm sure you've missed them. So here they are.

CelticsStuff Live
Show tonight from 9-11 with Tim Weisber.
Boston Herald
Deal for Garnett is not dead quite yet. Green Bandwagon Note - As a blogger I feel at least somehow responsible for the mess that is the NBA off-season. The constant rumors, speculation, and over the top coverage of non-stories is a little outrageous at times. Yet I will link to several more trade centered stories.
Boston Globe
EX BC star Williams has learned from his mistakes. Green Bandwagon Note - Williams has already paid the price for his actions and everybody deserves a second chance. But I'm intrigued to see how he deals with his NBA money.
Pioneer Press
Many want Garnett, Pierce in trade talks? Green Bandwagon Note - I've finally made peace with Pierce getting moved. The team is painfully young, will have to give up too much to get him real help, and he needs a change of scenery. I would not be shocked if he returned or was shipped out of town.
Don't sleep on the second round.
Loy's Place
A does of Celtics history, part 1.
Celtics 17
The un-Garnett saga continues.
Hartford Courant
Celtics, Knicks and Nets can't afford bad draft.
Washington Times
Draft nothing but hot air. Green Bandwagon Note - I enjoyed this article even if it opened with the following:

"The armchair general managers of the NBA have trotted out in numbing detail the relevance of each player eligible to be drafted this week.
Most of these player assessments are conceived from a distance and have about as much value as gazing into a crystal ball."

Obviously Tom Knott has been missing my brilliant Nintendo comparisons. More of those to come later.
Express News
Rumor mill is working overtime.
NY Post
Unforgettable Mr. Russell. Green Bandwagon Note - Speechless.
Thoughts on the KG saga.
Daily News
Garnett's mad, Allen could move, Jazz riff.
Did KG pass on Boston because of beef with Wally?
Draft Express
The minds behind the madness of pre draft workouts
Evaluating this year's centers.

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