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What if?

Today on True Hoop Henry Abbot posted the answer to a question that I have been thinking about for some time:

"You know how teams have five minutes to make their picks in the first round, and two minutes in the second round? A reader wondered what happened if a team just did not make their pick in time. I checked and found that the NBA recently sent a memo to teams that states: 'In the event that a team does not make its pick within 4½ minutes (1st round) and 1½ minutes (2nd round), a 30-second warning will be given on both the web conference and the team line. Once the warning is given, the pick must be made within the next 30 seconds or your team will be subject to substantial penalties from the League Office, including fines, loss of future draft choices, or the suspension of relevant personnel.'"

I bring this up because my recent traveling resulted in me not making a pick in the second round of the SB Nation Mock Draft, which is now being hosted by Bullets Forever. I feel shame. So that's why DePaul's Wilson Chandler was the 32nd pick. In the process I missed out on my dream of drafting an undersized power forward in the second round - Jared Dudley.

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