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Pierce Rumor

It was inevitable.  Here's the first semi-legit Paul Pierce trade rumor of the offseason:

People who know say the Timberwolves have received trade inquiries for Kevin Garnett from more teams than just the oft-reported Phoenix Suns and Boston Celtics. And regardless of whether Garnett is traded by NBA draft time on Thursday, the Wolves are planning on making at least one other deal.

Word is a Wolves-Suns deal that would feature Garnett for Amare Stoudemire has stalled but is still in the works. Initially, the Wolves wanted Stoudemire, 24, for Garnett, 31, but the Suns were offering Shawn Marion, 29.

The Wolves don't want Marion, so the Suns tried to peddle him to Boston through Minnesota VP Kevin McHale's old pal, Celtics director of basketball operations Danny Ainge, in a convoluted three-team deal that would result in the Wolves getting Paul Pierce and Boston's No. 5 pick in the draft, among other considerations.

Marion balked, saying he would opt out of his contract after one year (Garnett can do the same after next season). When Garnett balked at a proposed deal to Boston, the Wolves and Suns continued talks.

Pierce and the 5 for Marion?  Are you kidding me?  Why do we end up getting hosed in every single rumor?  I give up.  I'm not going to believe a single rumor until something actually happens.  I'll still pass them along, but I'm done believing (for now).

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