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Daily Links 6/25

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CelticsStuff Live  Show tonight 9-11 with Tim Weisberg

Herald   Deal for Garnett isn't quite dead yet
Globe   Ex BC Star Williams has learned from his mistakes
Chicago Tribune   Three way trade with Phoenix and Minny still a possibility (no Jefferson involved)
Pioneer Press   Many want Garnett, Pierce involved in trade talks?   Don't sleep on the second round
LOY"s Place  A dose of Celtics History part 1
Celtics 17   The un-Garnett saga continues
USA Today   Yi brings wow factor to draft
Hartford Courant   Draft board:  Shooting guards 
Celtics, Knicks and Nets can't afford bad draft
Washington Times   Draft nothing but hot air 
Express News   Rumor mill is working overtime
The Oregonian    Teams that could
NY times   The N.B.A. And China hope they’ve found the next Yao 
AZ Central   Suns missed opportunities in past drafts
Kerr weighs Garnett vs Amare
Miami Herald  Athleticism still trumps the basics
NY Post   Unforgettable Mr Russell
Golden State of Mind   Rockets interested in Warriors #18 pick
3rd String Safety   I love the NBA... Offseason
NBA Profile   It's draft time!
Fox Sports   Trade KG? 
College   Draft answer man
Newsday   Thoughts on the KG saga
Daily News    Garnett's mad, Allen could move, Jazz riff
Journal Times    Bucks remain fans of Yi
ESPN Page 2   Simmons:  Oden vs Durant showdown
Hoopsvibe   Did KG pass on Boston because of beef with Wally?
Only 10 Things    10 Things Sunday before the draft
Draft Express   The minds behind the madness of pre-draft workouts
Evaluating this year's center crop
HoopsAddict   How the 1984 draft changed basketball forever

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