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KG to Lakers, O'Neal to Celts?

ESPN is reporting (via the LA Times) a complex 4 team trade rumor with KG going to the Lakers.  Chad Ford speculates that the Celtics could be that 4th team.

Are the Boston Celtics the key to moving Kevin Garnett to L.A.?


The Los Angeles Times reported on Monday that the Lakers were in discussions with the Minnesota Timberwolves about a trade that would send Garnett to the Lakers. The trade would also involve the Indiana Pacers and possibly a fourth team.

After speaking with a league source, I think the deal has some legs, though it doesn't appear imminent.

According to the source, the key to completing the deal is finding a fourth team that would (a) take Jermaine O'Neal and (b) send the Timberwolves enough pieces to complete the deal.

Here's the idea he cooked up in the trade checker.

Finally a deal I like.  Sign me up.

Update: Just to clarify, Jim Grey was reporting on the radio that the deal involved Al Jefferson and the #5.  Ric Bucher passed that along on SportsCenter indicating that the Wolves didn't want to give up the package Boston was offering for KG.  Chad Ford (wiesly I think) speculated that such a deal would be too rich for Boston's blood considering the fact that Garnett is a better player.  He said it would likely be a deal breaker on Boston's side.  He speculated (as he does in his blog) that another player like Gerald Green might be more to their liking.

Update 2: Celts out of the talks?

The talks turned into discussions about a four-way deal among the Lakers, Minnesota, Indiana and Boston, in which the Lakers would have gotten Garnett. However, the deal broke down, reportedly because the Celtics didn't like what they would have gotten, ending the four-way negotiations.

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