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The Trading Down Option

There is the option of trading down in the draft.

Shira opines over the Bobcats and Suns as potential trade partners:

In yet another plot twist, the Charlotte Bobcats, who have the No. 8 selection, were told that Jeff Green would not be working out for them. That led to speculation that Green has a deal in place with a team picking ahead of Charlotte; why else would agent David Falk steer Green away from his longtime bud, Michael Jordan? But Green is due to work out today for Phoenix, which, at last check, did not have a pick ahead of Charlotte.

The Suns, who have picks Nos. 24 and 29, also are bringing in Joakim Noah and Corey Brewer to join Green, meaning there has to be a deal in place, given that no agent would allow a client to work out this late unless the team had a chance to make a selection. Thus, the Suns must have something cooking with one of a few teams -- the Celtics possibly being one of them -- to move up to the 5-7 slot.

Bulpett also has some thoughts:

The Suns are hosting the session and David Griffin, the club’s senior vice president of basketball operations, said his team is getting close to a deal to move into the top 10 in Thursday’s draft. 

But, according to an involved source, one should read nothing more into the attendance of Ainge and Rivers than them wanting to see Green go against competition, as well as getting another look at Brewer and Noah. The Celts traveled to Washington to see Green work out alone, but now that the deadline has passed and he’s staying in the draft, he can accept travel expenses to visit teams.

With Phoenix holding the 24th and 29th picks in the first round as of yesterday, the three had to be comfortable with the possibility that the Suns would be moving up before making the trip.
    The Celts and Suns do have a good working relationship (the C’s got the draft rights to Rajon Rondo [stats] from them last year for the Cleveland pick that is No. 24), and it’s possible deals could be discussed. Shawn Marion’s name has come up in the past, and while the Celtics [team stats] had questions about him anyway, he has said Boston is not a desired destination. If he is discussed again, Ainge would be in position to make a closer pitch.

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