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Nintendo and the NBA Draft - Gasol, Conley, Young, and Williams

Marc Gasol - Soda Popinski from Mike Tyson's Punch-Out - Now this isn't entirely fair. However, they are both talented big men with a vice and a weakness. Popinski's huge uppercuts are somewhat overshadowed by his bouts with vodka and inability to deal with a solid stick and move approach. Meanwhile, much like countless Americans, Gasol allegedly hit the fast food a bit too hard in his two years in Memphis. Furthermore, his ability to seamlessly fit in with a team's offensive and his basketball IQ flow might not make up for his lack of athleticism. But if the younger Gasol in anyway approaches the icon status of Popinski he would have to be happy.

Mike Conley - I was going to compare Conley to Princess Zelda to not so subtly knock Oden's alleged desire to end up in Portland with him. In my defense I did come up with an excellent way for the two to play on the same team next year - stay at Ohio State. Since it is too late for that I ultimately went with Tiger-Heli, choosing to get my joke in during the intro. I'm smooth like that. All kidding aside that was a great game. It completely revolved around a helicopter, just as Conley's new team will count on him if he is as good as advertised.

Thaddeus Young - Baseball Stars by SNK was a truly awesome game. It allowed players to create teams, make trades, sign free agents, and obtain money by winning games. That sounds pretty basic but the year was 1989. Yet even without those bells and whistles Baseball Stars would have been fantastic because the game play was phenomenal. The players were far more athletic than those found in any other baseball game. And thus I am reminded of Thaddeus Young and his elite athleticism. Bonus points because "Thad Young" sounds cool. He might not have a huge rookie season but I'd love to see Young land on one of the better teams and grow into his potential.

Sean Williams - R.C. Pro-Am - Williams had some issues at Boston College. He does not appear to be a Maurice Clarett type but his stock did drop. Though not a great offensive player Williams is a beast on defense. And he's 6-10. I compare him to R.C. Pro-Am because it was a great racing game for its time. The racing is like Williams' shot blocking and overall defense. But R.C. Pro-Am was also one of the first racing games to make use of weapons and numerous hazards. Similarly Williams faced hazards at Boston College that got the best of him. Hopefully he will not fall prey to the same traps, which will only be larger in the NBA.

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