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Daily Links 6/26

Herald   Phoenix trip heats up rumors 
Billups  a free agent, no Bulls for Kobe
Globe   Peter May's top 5 by position
Celtics and O'Neal are a mismatch, Ainge reluctant to give up Jefferson
Draft class has personality as well as talent
Yahoo Sports    Pierce's patience is running out + predraft rumors
ESPN Insider    Ainge says he is keeping the pick as of now
Hoopsworld   Celtics should pass on KG
LOY's Place    Around the mock drafts final edition
Celtics 17  Rumor madness
Celtics Stuff Live   Mock draft mashup 4.0
Orlando Sentinel   Orlando wants to grab Lewis and resign Milicic
Fox Sports    What the lottery would look like if high schoolers were allowed to declare
If you must, call them busts 
Indy Star    What to do with O'Neal?
Hartford Courant   Draft board:  Small forwards
Celtics break up party
The Ledger    Gators wait for this weeks draft
Town Online   Fun with the Suns 
NY Post   Vescey looks at the top 20 prospects
Sports Projections    NBA Bloggers mock draft
Journal Times    Trade winds blow through Milwaukee   Don't expect trade to happen
Charlotte Observer   Doc and Danny divided over Yi and Green
ChemJerk   Draft day options for the Celtics
TrueHoop  Draft hopefuls unedited
Just pick me already:  Petteri Kaponen
BostonsportZ     If no Al then go for it
CBC Sports   Billips joins free agent pool
Caveman Considers     Celtics trade rumors keep getting worse  
Slam    Some good news in Boston?   Celtics/Wolves game in London sold out
Red's Army    Danny is in Phoenix 
Only 10 Things     Boston's Minnesota first rounder is in peril
Shamrock Headband    Jermaine O'Neal doesn't play basketball as often as he ought to
Can Danny   Workouts on the web
Draft Express   Filling in the blanks:  Yi Jianlian
Word on the street - rising, falling, trading

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