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Celtics Links - 6/28/07

This is only a small portion of all the NBA related links out there. Big day.

Boston Herald
Decision time for the Celtics.
Ainge says Pierce not asking for a trade. Green Bandwagon Note - Outside of saying nothing, which is not a bad idea, what else can Ainge say publicly? If Pierce actually is working for a trade behind the scenes why deflate his trade value by announcing it to the world?
Jeff Green may go Green.
Boston Globe
Ainge says he is planning to take the pick.
Pierce's mood said to be upbeat.
Talented drafts prompt trade talks.
Florida trio hopes to go in the top 10.
Blatt has international flair. Green Bandwagon Note - I have not been this upset since Yardbarker sent me an e-mail about Greg Oden's blog. Celtics fans wanted Blatt, it didn't happen, and now they want to move on.

"His name surfaced as a possible candidate for a position with the Celtics, with the recent departure of assistant coach Tony Brown, but Blatt said he was not contacted by the team. 'I wish it were true,' he said."

Green Room
There are no no brainers.
Bob Ryan's Blog
Danny the dealer or Danny the drafter.
Real GM
Welcome to Draft Night 2007.
The Olympian
Ray Allen reportedly offered for Theo Ratliff and the 5th pick.
CelticsStuff Live
Huge 6 hour show for tonight.
Yi or Green better fit for the Celtics?
Loy's Place
Draft day media coverage, where to go to be in the know.
Celtics 24/7
Draft Day Podcast.
Metro West Daily
Trading the 5th pick is unlikely.
Shamrock Headband
Great big draft day post.

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