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The Deal

Szczerbiak, West, and now Jeff Green to Seattle for Ray Allen. My initial thoughts:

  1. The C's get older and worse defensively.
  2. Al Jefferson really has to be legit.
  3. For a minute I was excited because Dick Vitale killed the pick (Steve A. Smith is yelling at me, give me a second). It has to be good right? Or is it so bad that even Vitale knows it?
  4. It's definitely win now. If Doc can't make the playoffs with this team, well then he's out of excuses.
  5. I try to get Allen on my fantasy squad every year. He's a quantum leap up from Szczerbiak. And West is a solid role player. So I guess it comes down to how good Jeff Green is.
  6. Can they use the Ratliff contract to get someone else who will contribute right now?
  7. This team will be weak defensively, particularly down low with Al and Perk with his penchant for fouls. Fall Sean Williams! Fall!

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