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Round 2

Gabe Pruitt? He can't defend, is not a big dude, and his best attribute - shooting - is something that the C's just solved with Ray Allen. And last time I checked Gerald Green could shoot. Basically he's a project. I understand the 2nd round is definitely far from a sure thing but I thought this was a deep draft.

Glen Davis - Secretly I enjoyed this pick, partly because the C's did not draft McRoberts. Big Baby is large but does not solve the C's size issues at 6-9. And since Doc Rivers admits to not coaching defense that area of Davis' game should continue to be an issue. And I wonder if Leon Powe will try to kill him in practice? Bonus points because he went with "Big Baby" instead of "Baby Shaq."

So yeah.

Will the C's make another big deal before the summer ends?

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