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The Rookies

We picked up two players in the second round who were each projected by many to be first round talents.  Here are their Rookiepedia bios.

Gabe Pruit 

Devin Harris, Monta Ellis

Good size and quickness for the point guard position. A very good defender with quick hands and feet. Very athletic player who knows how to use his athleticism to beat his defender. Excellent at getting to the rim. Very good outside shooter with NBA 3 point range.

He is not a great distributor. He is more of an undersized two guard than a true point guard. Can be turnover prone. Has not shown a natural ability to control the pace of the game. Can be a streaky shooter.

(note: here is a funny story on Pruitt by Deadspin)

Glen "Big Baby" Davis

Davis’ has upside because of his smooth play and size and strength, but will need to slim down to compete in the pros. Due to his height his is tied to playing Power Forward in the NBA.

Known for his excellent post play, is able to score with his back to the basket or by facing up and moving past his defender. Tough to move on the block, on offense and defense. Known for his excellent rebounding skills.

After shedding weight last offseason, Davis still weighs too much for the NBA, which is cause for concern. Conditioning is a question and he struggles to get up and down the floor quickly. Best suited for a slow tempo team.


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