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His Name Is Robert Paulsen

Mark Murphy reports that Theo Ratliff is more than just a juicy expiring contract.  He's a living, breathing, basketball playing human being.  Or at least he still hopes to be playing basketball.

What if Ratliff, a terrific post defender when healthy, actually sticks around to add experience to a team that is now embracing age?

"We’re not done (making moves), and Theo has been working extremely hard to come back from his surgery," Ainge said yesterday. "He had disc surgery, and everyone assumes that the guy is done. But I don’t assume that he’s done at all.

He also drops this bit:

Ainge has drawn up his list of free agent targets - most of whom are likely to require the huge matching number that only Ratliff’s contract can provide.

But here’s a hint about that list: It doesn’t include many - if any - big defenders.

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