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Celtics Links - 6/3/07

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Boston Herald
Another odd turn for O'Brien, Williams on Danny's radar, Kobe speaks Truth.
Lewis trade would be hard to pull off.
Boston Globe
Peter May cornucopia: O'Brien, Kobe, the Finals, Donovan, Yi, Wallace, Jazz, Draft, and Brown.
Celtics Blog
Everyone loves Theo and the pick. Green Bandwagon Note - I despise trade rumors because there are infinitely more rumors than there are trades. However, Jeff does a great job sorting through some possible trades and trying to get into Danny Ainge's head. It is a good read.
Loy's Place
Sorting through the rumors. Green Bandwagon Note - For some reason that Atlanta rumor made me giddy enough to actually type the word giddy. For some one who hates trade rumors I really enjoyed this piece as well.
CelticsStuff Live
Show on Monday with Jessica Camerato.
Yi Update: He's no rube.
Metro West Daily
Brandon Wright could be a steal for the Celtics. Green Bandwagon Note - I could not agree more. I love guys who may not be physical enough for the NBA, struggle scoring outside of eight feet, and have questionable motivation. Sorry for the sarcasm but the C's don't need another project.
Fayetteville Observer
Eating right could dictate Wright's success in the NBA. Green Bandwagon Note - Wow he's being compared to Marvin Williams who has completely torn up the NBA for two straight seasons. I take back what I said after the last link. I love the guy now.
Orlando Sentinel
Brewer leads big 3 to the next level. Green Bandwagon Note - I like Brewer so much that I temporarily suspended my rule about refusing to call anyone outside of Bird, McHale, and Parish the big 3. But it is back in place moving forward.
Destrucity of the Celtics, Part 2.
Among other things, league execs think Stern rigged lottery to punish tanking teams. Green Bandwagon note - Interesting read for a number of reasons, including a surprising Larry Bird cameo. As a side note I've read a lot about Stern's relationship or lack thereof with NBA superstars. But I've read very little about Larry Bird and Stern in a any way, shape or form.
Commercial Appeal
Article calls Ainge incompetent and details Wallace's miscues in Boston.
ESPN Insider
Chad Ford wraps it up in Orlando, Conley and Wright disappointing. Green Bandwagon Note - If Conley and Wright were foreign would Ford praise them regardless of performance.
Journal Sentinel
Bucks expect an impact player with the 6th pick. Green Bandwagon Note - I just wanted to point out that the Bucks are the one team I inexplicably hate.

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