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Isiah's Play

Last summer, before I started my blog, I read a lot of trade rumors. I remember thinking it was a sign of having nothing substantial to talk about. And yet here I am writing a post on trade rumors. I like to think that I focus on trades that have a chance. So basically ones that don't include Kobe Bryant. To that end I am most interested in one possible trade, courtesy of Loy's Place. The proposal? Gerald Green, Sebastian Telfair, and the #5 pick to the Knicks for a player and the #23rd pick or Nate Robinson and David Lee.

Let's break this one down player by player:

Gerald Green - I'm still not sure how his career will turn out. There are not many people who can jump and shoot like that. If he ends up torching the C's four times a year as a member of the freaking Knicks I'll never get over it. Keep in mind Green is an under the radar vengeful dude. Remember when Pape Sow threw Green the shocker after this vicious dunk. A week later Green went out of his way to do this. Is anyone remotely comfortable trading him to the Knicks? Now seems like a good time to remind everyone that Chuck Swirsky is a tool.

Sebastian Telfair - I still can't get over how poorly the C's handled Telfair. First Doc played him a ton over Rondo, yet strangely did not have Bassy pick and roll. Then he buried Telfair on the bench. And then the C's destroyed his trade value by telling the world he was done in Boston after his speeding/gun/whatever arrest. That said, he is destined to play for Isiah in New York. This may not be how it goes down but I see it happening eventually.

#5 Pick - I want to know that the team is going to be drastically better if it gives up a high pick in this deep draft. As a side note, when Ainge tries to calm everyone down by pointing out guys that slid like T-Mac and Pierce, couldn't he at least highlight players who have been to the Finals. Speaking of Pierce, I am a little nervous that we have not heard a word from him.

Nate Robinson - Bringing him in makes sense if the Celtics want Tommy Heinsohn to quit. Robinson is a shoot first guard who hates assists and is not afraid to start fights in the shower. That's exactly what the C's locker room needs.

David Lee - I'm a huge David Lee fan. Unlike Zach Randolph, I feel like he would fit in just fine. But is he worth that much? I don't know.

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