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Comings And Goings

This is flying a bit under the radar, but seems pretty interesting to me at least.  The Memphis GM job is now down to two people (apparently).  Mark Jackson and our own Chris Wallace.  Geoff Caulkins of the Memphis Commercial Appeal isn't exactly impressed with either one:

Wallace has worked under noted incompetents Danny Ainge and Rick Pitino in Boston. He did have a couple years between them, however, when he was free to do as he wanted.

During that stretch, Wallace spent first-round picks on Joe Johnson, Kedrick Brown and Joe Forte in the 2001 draft, passing on Tony Parker, Gerald Wallace, Richard Jefferson, Vladimir Radmanovic, Troy Murphy and Gilbert Arenas.

He then traded Joe Johnson for Tony Delk and Rogers, and traded Kenny Anderson for Vin Baker and his ridiculous contract.

Inspirational, eh? But at least Wallace has worked in a front office. Mark Jackson has not. The guy has no actual experience. He's never scouted, never coached, never done anything except play 17 years in the NBA, where he became known as something of a malcontent.

So, naturally, he's a candidate.

In other news, it sounds like another member of the Celtics staff was looking at a job with the Griz.  Before I had heard rumors that Leo Papile might go with Wallace, but it seems like he was going to pair with David Griffen of Phoenix instead.  According to the Globe, Griffen got a sweetener from the Suns to stay, so I wonder if he will in fact look to team up with Wallace or stay in Boston.  I don't know much about Papile except that he has good contacts in the AAU circut.

Also, it does sound like Tony Brown will end up with the Bucks and Peter May did mention David Blatt as a replacement in Boston, but I'm not sure if he heard that from his own sources or read it here or somewhere on the net or what.

Seems like things are shaking out after a number of years of relative stability.  Is this a good sign (fresh blood, new direction and all that)?  Or is it a bad sign (like the creatures of the forest running when something bad is coming)?  Only time will tell.

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