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Celtics Links - 6/4/07

Boston Herald
Wallace gets a second interview, Papile staying, Ainge in Orlando for workouts.
Cedric Maxwell to be honored.
Loy's Place
On the Leon Powe bandwagon.
CelticsStuff Live
Show tonight with Jessica Camerato - should be a good one.
Celtics Blog
The trading Pierce option.
The real top 10, Pierce #8. Green Bandwagon Note - Shaq at 10? Didn't his team get swept in the first round of the playoffs this spring? And unlike Wade (#7) the Diesel is on the wrong end of his career.
Boston Globe
Donovan wants to return to Florida. Green Bandwagon Note - Imagine the next coach of the Magic. It's one thing to wonder if you were the top choice for a job. It's another thing if the whole world clearly knows that you were not.
Orlando Sentinel
Magic will allow Donovan out of contract.
ESPN Insider
Tomic out of draft.
Draft Express
Final recap of draft camp.
The Mighty Q
Q's version of Celtics history.

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