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Celtics Links - 6/5/07

I've got some crazy stuff going on over the next week or so and I probably won't have much going on until next Monday. Although there are some interesting Knicks rumors floating around that I may need to delve deeper into at some point. Read the links and you'll understand.

Boston Herald
Al to work out with Pierce, Perk's foot good, workouts scheduled for this week.
With LeBron's emergence the Celtics road just got tougher. Green Bandwagon Note - I can't see spending too much time worrying about LeBron. The Celtics won 24 games last year. Even if the Knicks signed Optimus Prime the C's would still have to get better. Of course Optimus Prime would dominate in ways the Association can't possibly comprehend. Let's all hope Isiah does not read this blog.
Metro West Daily
Another report that Blatt may join the Celtics. Green Bandwagon Note - Doc is a savvy guy with the media. I get the sense he reads what is out there. He can't possibly want Blatt as his top guy. That would be like Brad Pitt hiring me. Sooner or later Angelina would come calling.
Celtics Blog
JB elaborates on the Blatt situation.
Celtics 17
Conspiracy theories and secrets.
Celtics 24/7
Podcast with draft talk and rumors.
Commercial Appeal
Grizzlies scheduling workouts for pick before the Celtics.
Yahoo Sports
Celtics feared that Pitino was breakdown.
Orlando Sentinel
Should the Magic call on Pitino? Green Bandwagon Note - The Celtics will most likely be competing with the Magic for a playoff spot. So as a Celtics fan I give this rumor two thumbs up. I'd love for him to destroy another franchise's mojo for years to come.
Draft Express
Combine results and measurements.
Loy's Place
Around the mock drafts.
NY Post
Isiah may gamble on draft night, looking at BC's Williams. Green Bandwagon Note - I don't doubt this rumor for a minute. The bigger issues however is that Thomas is maneuvering to sign unrestricted free agent Optimus Prime. As I stated earlier, this would be very bad for the Celtics.
Golden State of Mind
Bulls and Warriors want Yi.
Lowell Sun
James in the finals is Stern's wildest dream. Green Bandwagon Note - Actually I heard his wildest dream involved whips, chains, yoyos, my grandmother driving by on a bicycle giving me the finger...Wow 3rd month on the job here and that's my first Chris Farley reference.
ESPN Insider
Combine results and measurements. Green Bandwagon Note - Earlier today I was daydreaming about mocking Chad Ford's love of international players and then he showed up at my house and beat the crap out of me. The lesson? No more making fun of Ford. And I like his stuff.

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