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Daily Links 6/5

Herald   Al to work out with Pierce, Perk's foot good, workouts scheduled for this week
With LeBron's emergence, the Celtics road just got rougher
Globe   Donovan, Magic still in talks, Brewer and Thornton confirmed for Thursday, Pistons, & Spurs
ESPN  Donovan to stay out of NBA for 5 years if Orlando releases him
ESPN Insider    Combine results and measurements 
NY Post    Isaiah may gamble on Draft night,  looking at BC's Williams at 23
MetroWest Daily    Another report that Blatt may join Celtics  
Loy's Place   Around the mock drafts      
Celtics 17   Conspiracy theories and secrets
Celtics 24/7   Podcast  with draft talk and rumors
Commercial Appeal    Grizzlies scheduling workouts, deciding between best available and need
Golden State of Mind   Warriors and Bulls want Yi   
Lowell Sun    James in the finals is Stern's wildest dreams
Yahoo Sports   Celtics feared that Pitino was bordering on breakdown  
Orlando Sentinel    Should Magic call on Pitino? 
True Hoop    Was the lottery rigged?  Henry gives a precedent (I told you so)
Draft Express    Combine results and measurements 

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